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What people say

I am a small-scale property owner with a full-time job. I needed a property manager who would take care of everyday issues, but keep me informed as needed. Hiring Brock as a rental manager was a great decision and I could not be happier with the work he does.

Eli C

"Brock is the most attentive and thorough property manager of all time. He does a great job communicating with both the landlord and tenants. His attention to detail is on point with everything from listings, repairs, and any other needs that do and will come up. Most importantly, he cares about his work, which shows in the quality of service he provides. As a homeowner, trusting Brock with my house while I'm living abroad, I cannot recommend Brock highly enough."

Paige B

"We have rented in three different states and Brock has been by far the best property manager we’ve had. He responds promptly whenever we have concerns. We always know he will get whatever fixed without us having to ask more than once (as can often be the case with rental companies). He is also respectful about making sure we have adequate notification before coming to the house. Being a renter can be very stressful but working with Brock made it so much easier."

Laura W
Past tenant
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